Environmental Services

Gaudet Associates, Inc. offer a range of Environmental Consulting and Testing services related to:


Gaudet Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive asbestos consulting services. Since the original alert by Regulators, Gaudet Associates, Inc. has been in the forefront of Asbestos Consulting. Our scope of work includes:

  • Asbestos surveys and assessments of all existing materials and conditions to identify the nature and extent of asbestos containing materials
  • Assessment reports including recommendations for abatement, scheduling and related cost estimates
  • Engineering plans and specifications for removal, encapsulation/enclosure and safety
  • Administrative assistance during project bidding and award sequence including contractor solicitation, bid evaluation and selection recommendation
  • Abatement activity monitoring and inspection including air monitoring work for regulatory and safety compliance by contractors
  • Coordination between contracting agencies, Federal, State and local regulatory agencies; certified testing laboratories and qualified contractors
  • Asbestos awareness training and public information programs

Lead-Based Paint

Gaudet Associates, Inc. offers IDP Surveys, Inspections, Risk Assessment and project monitoring in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Surveys will be conducted by a Certified Risk Assessor and a licensed professional engineer. When lead is identified, the report will include a conditional assessment of the lead containing materials and determination of the level of hazard the materials present.

Recommendations will be provided addressing whether the materials can be safely managed in-place or whether removal is required.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew Testing and InspectionsFacilities are inspected for the presence of mold and potential moisture entry points. Infrared thermography will be used to inspect interior surfaces for evidence of ongoing water/moisture entry. Moisture meters will be used to determine material moisture levels, deficiencies noted and recommendations provided as needed.

Indoor temperatures and relative humidity levels will be monitored to evaluate levels and the effectiveness of HVAC installations. Carbon Dioxide levels may be measured to evaluate indoor ventilation rates in various rooms in the building.

Ambient air testing will be performed using the spore trap method to evaluate the presence of airborne contaminates, Laboratory analysis will be performed to determine the types and concentrations of molds present. Surface testing including swab and and bulk samples may be performed. Particulate Monitoring levels will be compared to industry standards and guidelines.

Radon Testing

Gaudet Associates, Inc. has been conducting radon detection and mitigation design for a large number of clients. Because of the many ways radon can enter a building, our technicians are trained to investigate buildings to determine possible sources and develop options for lowering radon levels.

Other Environmental Services

Other Environmental Services offered by Gaudet Associates, Inc. include:

  • Building Surveys
  • Damage Assessment
  • Surface Sampling - Bulk
  • Recommended Responses
  • Water Sampling
  • Project Design
  • Air Sampling
  • HVAC Analysis
  • Long Term Monitoring
  • Particulate Monitoring
  • Humidity Control
  • Radon Services
  • Mitigation Design
  • Project Management
  • Training Programs
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