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At Gaudet Associates, Inc. we have developed a project management program which embodies all the fundamentals for producing a successful project that is on time and within budget. Our services include:

Owner's Representative

The use of Professional Program Management in place of traditional construction practices coordinates the activities of all parties to function as a team rather than individuals or conflicting entities. This incorporates all available resources to plan, schedule, coordinate and expedite these activities as the Owner's Representative.

Benefits include:

  • Coordinates Contracts as a "team"
    • Avoids costly individual conflicting entities
    • Expedites design and construction activities
  • Experience is on your side
    • Project completion on time, within budget, with high quality
  • Turnkey knowledge
    • Reduces risks to owners, developers and contractors
    • Provides objective, accurate information
  • Assigns Construction Manager with team support
    • Saves time in design and construction
    • Reduces construction costs
    • Increases flexibility
    • Offers a broader spectrum of expertise without additional staff
    • Provides full accountability

As the public and private sectors become increasingly more cost conscious, governmental and traditional agencies, which fund construction and environmental projects worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, are taking new steps to assure tax payers/investors that heir money is being spent wisely.

Services include:

  • Evaluations of Existing Properties
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Design Reviews
  • Scheduling and Cost Reviews
  • Operations and Maintenance Procedures
  • Site Inspections and Reports
  • Requisition Approval
  • Litigation Support
  • Facility Status Review
  • Short and Long Range Budgets

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process by which we examine the design process to identify elements that could be made more cost effective without detriment to or degradation of the final delivered product. This process usually leads to cost savings but occasionally identifies weaknesses in the design that may only be remedied by application of additional capital. Either way, value engineering greatly enhances the design process, leading to greater integrity for the finished project. Value Engineering is best applied when incorporated into the earliest design phases of a project, before construction has even begun. However, we continue to hunt for cost savings and increased efficiencies throughout the construction project duration.

Cost Estimates/Budgets

Gaudet Associates, Inc. can provide a variety of estimating functions that would serve the client as a source of information on matters of construction costs. This enables the client to have the flexibility and convenience of estimating without the costs.

Change Order Reviews

Even the most carefully and diligently planned projects are likely to need modification of some sort, somewhere along their time-line. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to "Change Orders" that require a contractor to perform work for an additional cost. Prior to construction, Gaudet Associates, Inc. will advise the Owner(s) on how best to include contingency line item in the budget to cover the most likely possibilities. Further, during the construction phase, we continuously monitor the project to avoid Change Orders where possible and analyze those that cannot be avoided to ensure their necessity and cost effectiveness.

Construction Inspections

Gaudet Associates, Inc. can provide construction administration or inspection services as the "Owner's Representative". This relationship avoids any conflict of interest between designers and contractors. We employ inspectors in all disciplines as well as a team of architects and professional engineers. Structural, general, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and environmental inspectors are combined to provide a comprehensive variety of services through one firm.

Contract Administration

It is essential to any construction project that all contractually involved parties are living up to their contractual obligations. We monitor these obligations across the complete timeline. of the project, identifying issues as and when, if not before, they occur. In this way we help ensure that the final value of the finished project is not less than that of the capital invested by the Owner(s) we represent.

Construction Accounting

Construction accounting tells us where we are, how we got here and where we are going in a given project. It is part of the management function which measures, evaluates and allows for corrections in the original cost objective set by the project budget and estimates. The accounting data helps with contractor payment approval; maintaining current current comparisons of funds available, funds committed and funds required to complete the project; contract commitments; and related areas. The system will monitor the contractor's earned value and the incurred cost of each project and compares these costs to the budget. Variances from the budget will be pinpointed and the system will provide trend reports to show potential over or under runs on each construction contract.

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